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Elizabeth Bruce is an Ottawa based singer-songwriter who defies the usual folk-pop expectations with the deliberate use of syncopation and dissonance; lyrics that straddle the line between serious and absurd; and dreamlike imagery. Many of her songs are inspired by dreams, be they daydreams or nightmares.

Elizabeth started writing songs in high school, and subsequently went to Montreal for a musical education (both formal and informal). When the shine wore off, she returned to Ottawa. She has performed on a variety of stages in both cities, with occasional forays further afield.

Handmaden, 2005 ($2 mini-cd)
As We Sadden Each Other to Sleep, 2007
The Silent "I Know," (working title) Fall 2013

Past Performances:
Art Matters Festival Montreal Fringe Festival Dépanneur Café Zeke's Gallery The Yellow Door Clyde's (Pointe Claire) Gert's Bar (McGill campus) Cameron House (Toronto) Avant-Garde Bar (Ottawa) Gus' Pub (Halifax) Ginger's Tavern (Halifax) Mersey House (Liverpool NS) Cagibi (Montreal) Tranzac (Toronto) Raw Sugar (Ottawa) GigSpace (Ottawa)

"Elizabeth Bruce has a powerful voice that you can tell she's been working to tame. Her compositions don't go the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major fifth. In fact the piano arrangements were delightfully dissonant. The lyric content put her squarely into the emoter category, but there was a dramatic self-awareness... helpful, even necessary to navigating her dark themes." -Marcus McCann

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